Hi! I'm

Komal Zade

I’m a founder of WeddingMarker.com, which was founded in 2021. As a married woman, I experienced difficulties planning my own wedding and faced many problems finding a perfect destination for a honeymoon, the best bridal outfit, etc.

After completing my degree from Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering, Technology & Research Wardha, I started an online website named WeddingMarker.com, which helps others plan their dream day without any hassle.

I also worked as a digital marketing intern after completing my graduation. The motive behind starting this website was to provide end-to-end solutions for all wedding-related requirements.

What is WeddingMarker?

Established in 2021, Wedding Markers is India’s foremost website for all things related to Weddings and Bridal Needs. Weddings present a perfect opportunity to celebrate love, happiness, togetherness, and most importantly, the union of two souls. Thus each aspect must be handled with care so that you can cherish this moment for a lifetime.

Weddings are also an occasion where one has the opportunity to be especially creative with their planning. The perfect dress, decoration, venue, etc., all contribute towards making your day special, unique, and truly memorable.

WeddingMarker provides detailed information about each aspect of a wedding, including wedding venues, pre-wedding photoshoots, honeymoon destinations, and much more. We try to make your wedding day not just beautiful but also hassle-free.

Our vision is to be India’s foremost website for all things related to weddings. Our mission is to provide exhaustive details about different aspects of the big day – starting from decoration ideas and pre-wedding photoshoots, everything.

If you have any further questions about WeddingMarker, feel free to contact us using the contact page or at [email protected].